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   Receptol Oral Spray for Corona Virus Treatment and Prevention

Natural Solution to Global Health Problems Created by Covid-19 Pandemic Dr Pawan Saharan, MS, PhD & Post Doc (WVU/Stanford),

Problem Global pandemics like Wuhan COVID-19, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, HIV; communicable diseases & chronic immunity disorders. People with weak immunity are at higher risk of getting these infections with increased morbidity.

Solution Our product made from mother’s 1st milk /bovine colostrum has nano informational peptides that help people lead longer & healthier lives by naturally building the body’s own immune system, aiding in prevention & cure of all communicable & immunity diseases along with sustainable malnutrition eradication for bottom of the pyramid segment globally.

The biggest thing in today’s healthcare is the smallest Nano peptides of REEPTOL capable of preventing global pandemics

Innovation Journey – After 18 years of research, we have successfully isolated Nano peptides from bovine colostrum and conducted global clinical studies on subjects suffering from AIDS, Swine Flue & other communicable & Immunity diseases.

RECEPTOL® manufactured by Biomix was discovered by Dr. Pawan Saharan, MS, Ph.D. WVU, Stanford with eminent group of scientists including 2 times Nobel laureate Prof. George Wald from Harvard & Prof. Joseph Weizenbaum, MIT Founder Directors with 18 years of research and development with funding by the Department of Science & Technology, GoI.

Product - RECEPTOL®, made from Colostrum Nano-peptides helps people lead longer & healthier lives by building the body’s immune system, thus aiding in prevention and cure for all communicable & Immunity diseases: Coronavirus, AIDS, Swine Flu, RA, Allergy etc.

Receptol®️ showed great effectiveness in treatment of retrovirus such as HIV, Swine Flu and SARS like conditions caused by Coronavirus. An accelerated, prospective Phase III global efficacy and safety studies for Receptol®️ Monotherapy was conducted for HIV Positive patients with 10 years follow up showed significant resolution of all symptoms within 3 weeks including consistent week after week weight gain and pharmacological effects with low to undetectable Viral Load and increased Absolute CD4 Counts.

Active Ingredients (API) - Active Ingredients consist of Patented Nano-Informational Peptides extracted from mammalian/ bovine colostrum via Ultra Nano filtration Technology having sequence id 1-8 & Proline Rich Poly Peptides (PRPs). As a natural product, Radha-108 Nanopeptides have no side effects which can be taken safely by all age groups and are not species specific.

Mode of Action - Receptol® gets absorbed in the blood through the buccal mucosa and crosses the Blood-Brain-Barrier. It stimulates maturation of immature thymocytes into either helper or suppressor T cells. It stimulates secretion of Tumour Necrosis Factor & cytokines IL-1 to IL-11, INF-a, INF-y. Activates Natural Killer (NK) Cells, cytotoxic cells of the innate immune system by 5 times.

Receptol®️ oral spray can be an answer to prevent & treat current epidemic of 2019-nCoV as its Mode of Action is similar to that of AIDS for which global studies with 10 years follow were done. Receptol®️’s nano-peptide will not only dock on S glycoprotein receptor on the cell surface to mitigate cell fusion though competitive inhibition, closing doors and windows for all viral entry but will also stimulate the maturation of immature thymocytes into helper & suppresser T cells. T helper cells will help produce antibodies against 2019nCoA.

Suppressor T cells, on the other hand, deactivate other lymphocytes after an infection has been cleared to avoid damage to healthy tissues. Receptol®️ will help to produce memory T cells, in order to expedite the production of antibodies for future infection in all human hosts like a vaccine.

Mode of Action of Receptol drastically differs from other treatments/vaccines in pipeline (current products from Gilead, Astra Zeneca, Eli Lilly, Pfizer Merck) since it blocks entry of all viruses & augments immunomodulation in unique patterns. RECEPTOL® exposes the patient's immune system to the memory of a health threat, whether foreign or native, and the knowledge of how to best respond to protect itself via building body's own immune system naturally like a new born baby is protected with mother's milk.

Recent publication in the American Journal of Biotechnology & Immunology, which can be accessed. Publications in New England Journal of Medicine, Lancet, Science & Nature are in progress.

Article from US media to Covid prevention via building body’s own immune system naturally and revert back asap as how we can work together to save the humanity in this pandemic that has devastated global and Indian economy.

Government recognition: Health Minister of India released a Book on RECEPTOL- The Next Wonder Drug Creating a Paradigm shift from prevention to treatment providing health for All.

Ministry of Science & Technology & Ministry of Health funded for setting up the pilot manufacturing facility to provide health for all via clinically proven prevention for all communicable diseases.

Indications -Treatment of URTI, Allergy + Asthma, HIV+TB & associated recurrent infections. Immunity enhancer for prevention of Communicable disease like Covid, Swine Flu, Influenza, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

USP- Innovative with common Mode of Action for all URTI & viral infections, affordable, Globally Patented, broad spectrum Anti viral, immuno-modulator, easy to administer, 100% Efficacy with no side effects, can be consumed by all age groups and has no age or sex barriers.

Global Patents - US Product Patent # 9,249,188, Canadian, European, Indian, South African & Singapore for 58 diseases. The US and global product patent:

Global Clinical Studies – RECEPTOL® clinical trials & their meta analysis on 25,301 subjects including healthy population as vaccine, can be accessed

National AIDS Control Organization, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, GoI, via its 07/05/2014 notification by Secretary Dr VK Subburaj, IAS informed that department of AIDS Control has decided to use Receptol from June 2014 for select patient population under Operational Study Program as Natural Immunity Booster.

Hospitals on Chip is an AI based automated, integrated system and platform which helps in managing total health care services including drug discovery and clinical trials in a cost effective and timely manner. This Universal Virtual, Hospital Patented, Health Portal provides services similar to the world’s largest General Hospital in Boston, tele & emergency medicine, CROs, and drug discovery and diagnostics driven by AIKAT (artificial intelligence based knowledge acquisition tools.)

Lab on Chip is a Mass screening device to detect virus, bacteria, pollutants and biological/ nuclear warfare impact on humans and livestock. The invention is an apparatus which detects the biological state in any given sample using biomarkers and can be perfect tool in current Pandemic scenario caused by viral, nuclear, biological & chemical warfares and environmental pollutants

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Health for all, via affordable & effective healthcare for the world


Develop & manufacture cost effective safe natural product for prevention & treatment of life threatening diseases & immune disorders.


Our health is directly influenced by our immune system. A balanced and healthy immune system is of utmost importance for our body's ability to defend against infections. WHO proclaimed “It is our ability to create a healthy immune system that represents the greatest potential for gains in human Therefore, creating a healthy immune system via Mother’s 1st Milk: Colostrum & its derivatives harnesses maximum benefit towards human health”

"Receptol is the perfect blend of Ayurvedic and modern day science. Like Ayurvedas, Receptol itself provides holistic healthcare solution. Since this innovative product is prepared from 'Piyusha' (Colostrum), mothers first milk, it provides immunity for life. The roots of our product lie in the ancient science of Ayurvedas."

Receptol - An Answer to Covid -19 with 46 references.

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Over 3 million people in India suffer from HIV & TB
We had supplied Receptol at Mumbai International Airport during Swine Flu Pandemic during 2009 - 2010 under the MIAL agreement.
Receptol was also kept at Falguni Pathak's Dandia show in Mumbai, to Prevent Swine Flu from Spreding