Affordable Health Care

Our medicines, vaccines and consumer healthcare products are improving quality of life for patients and consumers around the world.

But millions of people are still not getting the vaccines and treatments they need because they can't afford them, they can't get them locally, or they simply don't exist. Many countries continue to have under-resourced health systems.

To play our part in tackling these global health challenges and extend the benefits of our products to more people, we have developed an immune booster affordable vaccine spray called RECEPTOL. An Indian innovation to the global health problems, Receptol can fight the viruses of HIV, H1N1, Ebola etc.

We are actively seeking new ways of delivering healthcare and making our products more available and affordable to people who need them, wherever they live.

Our forward-looking commitments aim to address global health needs and are aligned with our values.

"Receptol (Radha 108 nano biotech particles from Colostrum ) will prevent & treat majority of illness and help bottom of the pyramid of the nation."